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Allison Hayes, a Niles native who is living in South
Bend, Ind., works for the Big Ten Network.
She was a former sportscaster for FOX 28.
In August, Hayes and her daughter started a non-profit
organization called One Good Deed Michiana, dedicated
to recognizing those who help others.
Find out more about One Good Deed Michiana at onegooddeedmichiana.
org or on Facebook (search: onegooddeedmichiana)
Q: How did One Good Deed Michiana begin?
We started after my husband was killed in an automobile
accident in August 2012.
One of things that came from that was an incredible
amount of support, not only from family and friends, but
from people we didn’t even know. It was amazing. It was
really overwhelming the amount of support we got. And
we know that we’re not the only people that have had
that kind of experience when we were in need. So the
whole idea was recognizing people in our community
that go out of their way to help others. So our motto is
“helping those who help others, because one good deed
can change a life.”
We like to spotlight those people because we think they
deserve recognition, even though they don’t do it for recognition.
We want to let them know what they are doing
is appreciated and we hope that it will encourage them to
keep going and maybe inspire someone else to do the
same thing.
Q: How does it work?
We have a Facebook page and a website. You can nominate
someone who you feel goes out of their way on a
regular basis to help others. We have a form you can fill
out on the page. You describe that person and why
they’re worthy. We’ll review it and get back to you and
let you know.
We surprise them with a big giant gift bag filled with
lots of goodies. We try to cater it to that person’s likes.
We do a little research to find out what they like and what
they do. For example, our first “Give” we did a lady (Janet
Price, of Warsaw) who was really into photography.
Her camera broke and she didn’t have the money to get a
new one, so we bought her a new camera, tri-pod and bag
and stuff to go with it. We also got her lessons at a local
camera shop to help her get better at something she loves.
We also frame the nomination letter. That’s a big thing
because I want the people to see it and understand how
their little acts of kindness have really affected someone
and had a big impact on someone’s life.
If we can do one a month, or two a month, we will. We
just want to recognize as many people as we can.
Q: What was you first “Give” like?
It was absolutely awesome. I can’t even describe the
feeling we had. It was such a cool feeling. It was so exciting
and so fulfilling to surprise someone that was so deserving
of a little recognition and she loved it and was so
excited. I can’t wait for our next one!"